The Hamrick Insurance Services respects the privacy of the individuals and businesses accessing/using ("Users") its website ("Website"). The purpose of this General Public Privacy and Data Collection Policy ("Policy") is to inform Users about information that may be gathered about them when they visit the areas of IIAA's Website accessible to the public ("Public Areas"). Hamrick Insurance Services collects limited information about Users who visit the Public Areas of the Website.

This information is automatically collected on an aggregate basis ("Aggregate Information") to measure traffic on the Website, including the Agent Locator. Aggregate Information is collected through the use of a "cookie" or small text file placed on the User's hard drive by the User's Internet browser. The cookie allows IIAA to track the number of hits or visits to various pages on the Website. When Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc.'s Website is accessed through a hyperlink on another website, the cookie will identify and track the Internet Protocol address ("IP") that linked the User to the Website. If the User did not hyperlink to Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc's Website from the most recently visited IP, then Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. will only identify the User's Internet Service Provider (e.g.,,, etc.). The cookie is used only during a single connection to the Website, and is not used to track User activity after leaving the Website. It is permanently disabled when the User exits the Website, and information about individual Users is not collected, saved or distributed to others by Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. Aggregate Information and other information gathered through voluntary email assists Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. to better understand Users' needs and improve the Website, and to enable Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. to demonstrate to vendors and others information about the volume and nature of its Website traffic.

The Website contains hyperlinks to Internet sites of companies we represent and other businesses and resources, and each Internet site may have its own privacy and data collection policies and practices. Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. is not responsible for the privacy and data collection policies and practices of any of its members or other businesses and resources, or for the content of their Internet sites. Users interested in the privacy and data collection policies and practices of these companies or other businesses and resources should review their policies. Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. makes no representations of any kind about the Internet sites of its members or other businesses and resources, and Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. disclaims all warranties and responsibilities of any kind, including, without limitation, warranties and responsibilities with respect to companies we represent and other businesses' and resources' Internet sites, content, privacy and data collection policies and practices, and actions.

Hamrick Insurance Services, Inc. reserves the right to change this Policy at any time by posting changes to this page.

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